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The Church is often confused for the place where Christian’s meet but we know that the word Church means the “Called out, or Gathering of God’s People.” This being said we have had a wrong understanding for ages that the meeting place is the “Church” when in fact it is the people inside the place that is actually the Church. In an effort to provide the maximum context for being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ we desire to have, “Life on Life” experiences for the expressed purpose of being both on God’s mission in our own life, and on God’s mission to the world. We believe the best way to do this is through Missional Communities, which gather once generally in homes!


The mission of God is to reconcile all things to himself in and through the work and person of Jesus Christ. His chosen vehicle through which he is accomplishing that mission is the church. The church is the family of God called to together to himself and sent out on His mission to the world to make disciples. Missional Communities are the primary means through which Living Faith KC desires to mobilize people together on mission and to connect people to a caring community where we are committed to discipleship and God’s mission to the world.

WHAT IS A Missional Community?

A Missional Community consists of a committed core of believers who live out the mission of God together — both those who believe in the gospel and those who are being exposed to it for the first time . We are seeking to be shaped by the gospel and to live out the mission of God together. These groups consist of committed Christians who are seeking to be missionaries in their own culture, newer Christians who are learning to live on mission, and reaching out to those who are not yet convinced of the gospel of Jesus. A Missional Community is devoted to the pursuit of glorifying God in all of life.

To clarify, a Missional Community is NOT simply a small group, Bible study, support group, social activist group, or weekly meeting, however it may contain these things.Our hope is that every person who is committed to the Living Faith KC family and God’s desire for His mission of bringing the Gospel to the world, will be fully involved in an (MC) and eventually the hope is that these Missional Communities in a region will multiply and together form a new plant or (MC) out of Living Faith KC.

Consider this… The life of the church as recorded in Acts 2:42-47 came as a result of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit into the lives of a people collectively committed to the mission of God. The description we read about in Acts was not the means of becoming a great church, but the results of God working through a people committed to Him and His mission.

We believe God is more faithful to His mission being accomplished than modern American Christianity having our one hour a week preferred church service experience. Thus there will be many times where we are not polished or professional in our delivery, but we are in process. Missional Communities exist to partner with God to further his mission in every aspect of our lives and in every area where we live whether in the city or in the suburbs, or abroad! A teacher once quoted John MacArthur to me stating that, “Christianity is 100% work of God with maximum human effort.” We desire to encourage and build one another up to give our maximum human effort as God is at work in our lives, for the Glory of God, not because it earns us anything but because of what Christ did on the Cross!

What will MC’s Do?

1. Be led by a team committed to leading, shepherding, equipping and organizing a community(group of people) on mission.
2. Grow together in understanding and application of the Gospel to who we are (Identities) because of God’s work in and through Jesus on the Cross.
3. Live out the weekly Patterns of a family on mission together (Gospel Fluency, Listen to one another, Celebrate, Eat and Bless) – The focus is on BEing the church together throughout the week!
4. Identify, equip and send new leadership out to begin new Missional Communities

If you would like to know more about MC’s or be involved in one please click on the contact page and send us an email so we can get together or talk to one of the Leaders @ our Sunday gathering !

If you are interested in more intimate discipleship with in a Missional Community please consider seeing our page on Discipleship.

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